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The data collection process


1. Operation details are entered directly on to the Bariatric Surgery Registry Interface (BSR-i) by the surgeon or their delegate, or alternatively, a BSR Operation form is completed and faxed (or posted) to the Registry office. Therefore, two options for data entry exist:

a. Web browser with secure authorised entry – the Bariatric Surgery Registry Interface (BSR-i) has been developed in conjunction with Monash University and is used for data collection and reporting. BSR-i login here

b. Paper based data collection, faxed or posted – 24% of our members do not use a system of electronic medical records. View patient information operation form

2. Two weeks following surgery, patients are sent a Patient Explanatory Statement (with treating hospital logo) and an information leaflet in the mail, further explaining the Registry and the voluntary nature of participation and the Opt Off process. The patient has a two week period to opt off of the registry by calling a Freecall 1800 number. The patient may still opt off at any point during the follow-up period. If the patient declines to participate, their clinical information is removed from the registry.

3. Data is cross checked with regular ICD-10 coding from each participating hospital site on a quarterly basis to allow for complete data capture and verification.

4. The BSR also collects patient follow up data 30 days following surgery and annually thereafter. Details collected at 30 days include information on weight loss as well as any complications that may have occurred. Details collected annually include information on weight loss, change in diabetes status and any need for operation. If the surgeon is unable to provide this information the Registry has the option to call patients to collect missing data elements using a scripted format. Again, there are two options for follow up data entry; the BSR-i or hard copy forms.

Perioperative Follow Up / Defined adverse event

Annual Follow Up / Defined adverse event