Registry of Kidney Diseases (ROKD)

Registry custodian:Professor John McNeil
Head, School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine
Registry contact: Ms Claire Galbraith
Phone: +61 3 9076 8845
Clinical lead:
  • Professor Rowan Walker
  • Dr Kristeen Barker
The aims of the ROKD are to:
  • increase the accuracy of estimates of specific renal disease incidence and prevalence
  • increase the accuracy of estimates of chronic kidney disease incidence and prevalence
  • improve understanding of the phenotypic expression and natural history of disease
  • identify factors that predict prognosis and outcomes, particularly in relation to progression to end stage kidney disease (dialysis/transplantation), cardiovascular events or death
  • assess current patterns of care and clinical practice
  • improve evidence for best practice-based guidelines for patient management
  • reduce variation in treatment and improve outcomes as a result of better implementation of evidence-based guidelines
Population captured: The ROKD includes patients newly diagnosed with specific renal diseases
Outcomes collected: Mortality, progression to dialysis, progression to transplant, complications of disease, and complications of therapies
Funding source: Industry partners