Susan McLellan

RN, Grad Cert (Emerg), CAISS
Trauma Registry Data Manager
Victorian State Trauma Registry (VSTR)
Victorian Orthopaedic Trauma Outcomes Registry (VOTOR)

Phone: +61 3 990 30962

Sue is the Trauma Registry data manager for the Victorian State Trauma Registry (VSTR) and the Victorian Orthopaedic Trauma Outcomes Registry (VOTOR). She has a background in nursing completing her training in 1985 then specialising in emergency nursing with completion of a Hospital Certificate in Acute Care Nursing - Emergency Major in 1994. Her career in research began in 1991 when she was employed as a trauma research nurse with the Victorian Major Trauma Study (VMTS). Sue has been involved with the Victorian State Trauma Outcomes Registry Monitoring (VSTORM) group since it was established in 2001, initially combining her registry work with a data coordination role at the RMH trauma service. Sue is responsible for training, supporting and coordinating the data collectors for the VSTR. The registry has 138 contributing hospitals with on-site data coordinators at the three Major Trauma Services, and 16 data collectors at the metropolitan health services and the five rural regions of Victoria. Her role also includes quality control, data analysis, data report preparation for the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), and research projects as requested. She has extensive experience and knowledge of trauma registry data and is an accredited Abbreviated Injury Scale (AIS) Instructor and has successfully completed the Certified Abbreviated Injury Scale Specialist (CAISS) exam. Sue is a member of the Case Review Group, DHHS and an invited attendee of the VSTORM Steering Committee.