COVID-19 response and research

COVID-19 response and research

Head of School's message

“We’ve worked tirelessly to address the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic through leadership, research and education.

Our staff have provided pandemic management advice and assistance to governments, offered flexible learning and additional support to our students, pivoted research to focus on the pandemic, and still maintained established research portfolios that address significant health challenges beyond COVID-19.”

Professor Sophia Zoungas

We’re home to a dynamic team of researchers with a broad range of skills and knowledge across research methodology and multiple clinical domains. This has propelled us to the forefront of pandemic management in Victoria, and seen us deliver evidence supporting the most effective COVID-19 treatments and prevention strategies for Australians, as well as understanding the effects of lockdowns.

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Here are some of our flagship contributions to the knowledge base around COVID-19 and pandemic management:

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