Major Projects 2010

The table below lists our major projects in 2010. For a full listing, see our Annual Report.

Source Project TitleInvestigatorsPeriod Total Funding
NHMRC Program Grant Prevention and treatment of chronic heart and kidney disease via epidemiological, pharmacological device and cell-based approaches H Krum, C Reid, D Kelly 2010–2014 $5,390,000
NHMRC Partnership Grant Transfusion research: outcomes into policy and practice J McNeil, P Cameron, D Jolley, C Stevenson, E Wood, P Sanders, J Ibister 2010–2012 $1,673,001
NHMRC Enabling Grant National centre for intensive care research (NCICR) R Bellomo, DJ Cooper, S Finfer, J Myburgh 2010–2015 $2,500,000
Department of Veterans Affairs Research Grant Sequelae of psychiatric conditions and multisymptom illness, follow up of mortality and cancer incidence, and analysis of serum samples in the Gulf War veteran cohort study M Sim, H Kelsall, J Blackman 2010–2013 $1,319,991
Victorian Cancer Agency Translational Cancer Research Funding Building translational clinical research capacity in regional Victoria through ASPREE and the Healthy Ageing Biobank J McNeil, C Reid, R Burton, R Woods 2010–2012 $1,921,000
Victorian Neurotrauma Initiative (VNI) Research Grant Multi-Centre randomised controlled trials of early acute interventions to attenuate secondary brain injury after trauma DJ Cooper, R Bellomo, S Bernard, M Morganti-Kossmann 2010–2014 $2,086,100
Prostate Cancer Australia, Department of Health and Ageing and Cancer Australia Grant

Pilot of a population-based prostate cancer clinical registry

J Millar, D Bolton, A Costello, I Davis, G Giles, J McNeil 2010–2013 $592,875
Work Safe Australia Evaluation of work health M Sim 2010–2012 $1,022,160
NIH-Fogarty International Centre Building the Asian non-communicable disease research network for regional research capacity B Oldenburg, E Fisher, K Al Kadir, K Thankappan 2010–2015 $1,178,773