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Ahimastos, A.A., et al., 2013, Effect of Ramipril on Walking Times and Quality of Life Among Patients With Peripheral Artery Disease and Intermittent Claudication : a randomized controlled trial, Jama-Journal Of The American Medical Association, vol 309, issue 5, pp. 453-460.

Bojesen, S.E., et al., 2013, Multiple independent variants at the TERT locus are associated with telomere length and risks of breast and ovarian cancer, Nature Genetics, vol 45, issue 4,pp. 371-384.

Bolsin, S., et al., 2013, Perioperative ? blockade, BMJ, vol epub, pp. 1-2.

Bonnelykke, K., et al., 2013, Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies identifies ten loci influencing allergic sensitization, Nature Genetics, vol 45, issue 8, pp. 902-906.

Davies, C., et al., 2013, Long-term effects of continuing adjuvant tamoxifen to 10 years versus stopping at 5 years after diagnosis of oestrogen receptor-positive breast cancer: ATLAS, a randomised trial, Lancet, vol 381, issue 9869, pp. 805-816.

Morrissey, O., et al., 2013, Galactomannan and PCR versus culture and histology for directing use of antifungal treatment for invasive aspergillosis in high-risk haematology patients: a randomised controlled trial, Lancet Infectious Diseases, vol 13, issue 6, pp. 519-528.

Pharoah, P.D., et al, 2013, GWAS meta-analysis and replication identifies three new susceptibility loci for ovarian cancer, Nature Genetics, vol 45, issue 4, pp. 362-370.

Read, T.R., et al., 2013, Provision of rapid HIV tests within a health service and frequency of HIV testing among men who have sex with men: randomised controlled trial, BMJ, vol 347, issue Art. ID: f5086, pp. 1-8.

Ruschitzka, F., et al., 2013, Cardiac-resynchronization therapy in heart failure with a narrow QRS complex, New England Journal Of Medicine, vol 369, issue 15, pp. 1395-1405.

Shen, L., et al., 2013, Role of diuretics, β blockers, and statins in increasing the risk of diabetes in patients with impaired glucose tolerance: reanalysis of data from the NAVIGATOR study, BMJ, vol 347, issue Art. ID: f6745, pp. 1-11.

Stanworth, S., et al., 2013, A no-prophylaxis platelet-transfusion strategy for hematologic cancers, vol 368, issue 19, Massachusetts Medical Society, Boston USA, pp. 1771-1780.

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