Graduate Research degree conferrals

Successfully examined theses by our graduate research students in 2014.

Graduate Degree Thesis Title Principal Supervisor


Shan Liu PhD Cardiorenal syndrome: pathophysiology and potential role of uremic toxins Bing Wang


Jessica Chellappah PhD Cardiovascular risk factors in children and young adults – current status and strategies for prevention Christopher Reid
Enayet Chowdhury PhD Hypertension in the elderly and its relation to cardiovascular outcomes and cost-effectiveness Christopher Reid
Danielle Horyniak PhD Understanding injecting drug use in contemporary Australian settings Paul Dietze
Nerida Joss PhD Orchestrating collaborative advantage in the health promotion workforce in Victoria Helen Keleher
Surendra Karki PhD Improving interventions to prevent the acquisition of vancomycin-resistant enterococci in hospitals Allen Cheng
Rachel Sacks-Davis PhD Hepatitis C transmission and natural history of newly acquired Hepatitis C in people who inject drugs Margaret Hellard
Masoumeh Sanagou PhD Investigation of hospital-level associations with adverse outcomes following cardiac surgery Rory Wolfe


Luke Rodda PhD Alcohol congener analysis in a forensic context: detection of iso-alpha-acids to confirm beer consumption Olaf Drummer


Tess Tsindos PhD Loneliness and health status of Chinese and Anglo-Australian Manningham seniors Charles Livingstone


Jocasta Ball PhD Optimising the management of patients with atrial fibrillation Simon Stewart


Andrew Teichtahl PhD Lifestyle and biomechanical determinants of knee joint structure and symptoms Flavia Cicuttini


Elizabeth Moore PhD A prospective study of the effects of erythropoietin and early sustained hypothermia on renal function and renal biomarkers in patients with traumatic brain injury Rinaldo Bellomo


Glenn Doolan DPH A case control study of occupational exposures and the risk of prostate cancer Graham Giles


Marian Abouzeid DPH Evidence, equity and health: contemporary issues in the Australian public health arena and lessons from abroad Michael Abramson
Bradley Crammond PhD Structural public health: reconsidering the 'social' and 'determinants' in the social determinants of health Bebe Loff
Nathan Grills DPH The importance of networks in public health practise Helen Kelsall
Louisa Lam PhD The use of B-type natriuretic peptide in the emergency department for the diagnosis and management of acute decompensated heart failure for patients presenting with acute shortness of breath Peter Cameron
Karen Moore DPH Understanding evidence based public health policy and practice: an actor network theory analysis Ben Smith
Lal Bahadur Rawal PhD Peer-support interventions to improve diabetes management: the impact on utilisation of health services Brian Oldenburg
Claire Tobin DPH Exploring relationships between evidence and public health policy Charles Livingstone
Marlien Varnfield PhD Evaluation of information and communication technology platforms to improve self-management of chronic disease Brian Oldenburg
Pauline Zardo PhD Evaluating capacity for evidence-informed decision-making within an Australian public health policy environment Alex Collie