Graduate Research degree conferrals

Successfully examined theses by our graduate research students in 2018.

Graduate Degree Thesis Title Principal Supervisor


Richard Fernandez PhD Anatomical and Biomechanical Considerations for Hip Protector Design and Function Joan Ozanne-Smith


Sam Brilleman PhD Joint longitudinal and time-to-event models: development, implementation and applications in health research Rory Wolfe


Otgontuya Dugee PhD Economic Implications of non-communicable Diseases in Mongolia Ajay Mahal


Nikki Adler PhD Clinical and molecular characteristics and metastatic pathways of patients with primary cutaneous melanoma Victoria Mar
Estifanos Baye PhD Interventions for the Prevention of Cardiometabolic Risk Factors and Diseases Barbora de Courten
Oliver Black PhD Injury differences in the return-to-work process following a work-related injury: What is the role of return-to-work self-efficacy? Peter Smith
Ken Chin PhD Optimising Use of Evidence-Based Pharmacological Therapy in Heart Failure Danny Liew
Timothy Coulson PhD Mortality risk change as a measure of perioperative quality of care in cardiac surgery Chris Reid
Kathryn Eastwood PhD Managing the impact of growing low-acuity demand on ambulance services Karen Smith
Digsu Koye PhD Epidemiology of Chronic Kidney Disease in People with Diabetes Dianna Magliano
Prabhat Lamichhane PhD Policy and behavioural interventions on child health in South Asia: Essays from Nepal and India Ajay Mahal
Aya Mousa PhD Vitamin D and cardiometabolic risk factors and diseases Barbora de Courten
Tu Nguyen MBiomedSc Validation of ICD-10-AM coding of mental health, drug and alcohol conditions in trauma patients Belinda Gabbe
Berhe Sahle PhD Heart failure in older Australians: Epidemiology and risk prediction modelling Chris Reid
Shu Su PhD The changing course of the HIV epidemics: implications from the rapid scale-up of antiretroviral therapy and the emergence of synthetic drug use in China Lei Zhang
Caroline van Gemert PhD Developing strategies to improve surveillance of hepatitis B virus in Australia Margaret Hellard


Gongbo Chen PhD Health effects of particulate matter of 1 µm or less in China: novel exposure assessment technology and important health outcomes Yuming Guo


Samantha Rowbotham PhD The skeletal blunt force trauma resulting from fatal falls: an anthropological analysis of fracture distribution and morphology using post-mortem computed tomography Soren Blau


Susie Cartledge PhD Targeting high-risk cardiac patients and their family members for basic life support training Judith Finn


Valerie Kay PhD Promoting equity, environmental sustainability and health: frameworks for action and advocacy Charles Livingstone


Sherrie Kelly PhD More bang for buck in global HIV resource allocation David Wilson


Rinaldo Bellomo PhD The Randomized Evaluation of Normal versus Augmented Level Replacement Therapy Trial John McNeil
Negar Naderpoor PhD Modulation of insulin resistance in conditions associated with high insulin resistance Barbora de Courten
Neil Orford PhD The effect of critical illness on bone metabolism and bone mineral density Jamie Cooper
Amanda Wade PhD Models of care for hepatitis C in the era of direct acting antiviral therapy Margaret Hellard
Bryan P. Yan MD (Sup) Drug-eluting stent utilization and impact in contemporary Australian interventional cardiology practice: insights from the Melbourne Interventional Group Registry Chris Reid


Sameer Pathan PhD Renal Colic Management in the Emergency Department Peter Cameron
Soulmaz Shorakae PhD Sympathetic nervous system activity, chronic low grade inflammation and insulin resistance in pathophysiology of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Helena Teede


Emma Ridley PhD Clinical and functional consequences of energy provided by nutrition in critically ill adults Jamie Cooper


Irena Bobevski PhD Demoralisation as a novel construct for postnatal mental health Jane Fisher


Marliese Alexander PhD Outcomes in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: modelling survival and thromboembolism risk prediction Sue Evans
Nicola Beamish MPhil The effects of parents' use of mobile computing devices on parenting and the social and emotional development of children: A systematic review and exploratory study of expert opinion Jane Fisher
Dewan Hoque PhD Evaluation of the impact, data collection and feedback mechanisms of clinical registries in Australia Sue Evans
Briony Jain PhD The epidemiology and prevention of intentional deaths from suicide and resident-to-resident aggression among nursing home residents in Australia Joseph Ibrahim
Daniel O'Keefe PhD Individual-level needle and syringe coverage amongst people who inject drugs Paul Dietze
Eldho Paul PhD Improving Mortality Prediction in Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Units Michael Bailey
Minh Duc Pham PhD Improving Coverage of, and Access to, HIV-related Testing in Low and Middle Income Countries: Barriers, Facilitators and Implications for HIV Research and Public Health Interventions Stanley Luchters
Kathleen Ryan PhD Evaluation of PRONTO!, a peer-led rapid point-of-care HIV testing service in Melbourne, Australia Mark Stoove
Melanie Villani PhD Utilisation of prehospital Emergency Medical Services for diabetic emergencies Sophia Zoungas
Yohanes Windi PhD An Emerging Health Protection System and Its Coverage of A Vulnerable and Marginalised Population: The Waste Pickers of Surabaya, Indonesia Charles Livingstone
Cassandra Wright PhD A mobile phone intervention for reducing alcohol consumption delivered during drinking events: development, testing and translation Megan Lim