Dr Natalie Almond Scholarship

Dr Natalie Almond (01/02/1988 – 20/01/2013)

Natalie completed a Bachelor of Medical Science in 2010 with SPHPM's Musculoskeletal Unit. As part of her degree, Natalie presented her research titled 'Significance of osteophytes on radiography and magnetic resonance imaging'. She continued to work with the Musculoskeletal Unit on various research projects until the end of her medical degree in 2012.

Natalie's life was tragically cut short in January 2013, just as she was embarking on her medical career. Natalie is remembered as a very charming, intelligent and enthusiastic person, liked by staff and patients alike. The Musculoskeletal Unit awards one $5,000 Scholarship every year to a Bachelor of Medical Science (Honours) student in Natalie's memory.

Eligible projects for the Dr Natalie Almond Scholarship:

  • Obesity and knee joint health
  • Muscle size and strength and the early structural changes of knee Osteoarthritis
  • Change in knee structure in healthy women and the relationship to bone health
  • Bone health and back pain
  • What is the role of body composition (obesity) in the development of musculoskeletal pain and disability?
  • Does the structure of the spine matter in low back pain?
  • MRI investigation of spinal and abdominal muscles in low back pain
  • The role of lifestyle factors on knee structure in a community-based population: a longitudinal study
  • The effect of body composition and physical activity on hip structure in a community-based population without clinical hip osteoarthritis

For further info about this scholarship, please contact Professor Flavia Cicuttini at flavia.cicuttini@monash.edu.