Monash Advanced Aviation Medicine (Qatar)


This two-week full-time course provides participants with an advanced level of aviation medicine knowledge. The course is run in conjunction with Qatar Airways, and would be ideal preparation for an aviation medicine career requiring an advanced level of knowledge.

The course includes presentations on advanced aviation physiology, space medicine, accident investigation, human factors, regulatory and clinical aviation medicine (in accordance with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) requirements).

Students will be given a USB with course materials on Day 1 of the course.  Please bring a device (laptop/ipad etc) to view the course material for the duration of the course.

Further information on Aviation Medicine Research at SPHPM

Offsite visits

The Monash Advanced Aviation Medicine course makes extensive use of clinical case workshops and includes visits to air traffic control, a flight simulator centre (with hands-on flying experience) and Qatar Airways Medical Department.


This course requires participants to have previously completed a basic or introductory aviation medicine course, such as the Australian Certificate of Civil Aviation Medicine (ACCAM) or Monash Basic Course in Aviation medicine.

Suitable evidence (such as certification) must be uploaded when registering.

Numbers are limited

Please note this course has a strict maximum number which must be adhered to in order to maintain offsite visits and a comfortable learning environment for participants.

While the information contained herein was correct at the date of publication, Monash University reserves the right to alter procedures, fees and regulations should the need arise.