Global Health Care Delivery

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Understanding global health in a modern, globalised world has never been more challenging or significant. Global health lies at the nexus of global patterns of biological and social disorder and the need for effective, integrated and practical global health care delivery is crucial and immediate. This course will explore a practical, human rights based approach to global health care delivery.

Guest Speakers

  • Professor Paul Komesaroff – President of Royal Australasian College of Physicians
  • Dr Susan Carland – Director, Global Studies
  • Dr Waleed Aly – Gold Logie Winner, Writer, Lawyer, and Senior Academic at Monash
  • Dr Debbi Long – Anthropologist and Senior Lecturer in Global Studies
  • Dr Asika Pelenda – Royal Womens Hospital
  • Dr Asiel Adan Sanchez – GP and Health Advocate

Learning objectives

  • After completing this course participants will be able to:
  • Distinguish central principles of equitable health care delivery
  • Adapt principles of health equity to diverse contexts and geographical settings
  • Critique ethnocentrism in global health paradigms
  • Develop frameworks for approaching cross cultural health care and generation of health policy
  • Investigate relationships between economic neoliberalism and neglected diseases
  • Assess global response to neglected diseases
  • Critically analyse the governance of global health
  • Investigate relative successes and failures in global health governance
  • Justify the use of rights based approaches to primary health care and health policy in low income settings
  • Critically appraise the impacts of globalisation on health and human rights
  • Evaluate current models for refugee health care delivery
  • Investigate barriers and enablers for the health of migrants and refugees
  • Theorise the impacts of colonisation on current trends  and relationships in global health care
  • Construct a framework for global health advocacy
  • Develop leadership and communication skills in global health contexts

Who should attend?

Students – future health professionals (medicine, nursing, allied health, biomedicine) and all other undergraduate students interested in volunteering abroad, part of student exchange programs or interested in global health in general.

While the information contained herein was correct at the date of publication, Monash University reserves the right to alter procedures, fees and regulations should the need arise.