Qualitative Research Methods for Public Health (with assessment)


The use of qualitative research methods in public health research, such as program evaluations and clinical trials, is increasingly common. The aim of this short course is to introduce participants to the theories, concepts and practice of qualitative research. Participants will gain practical skills in employing qualitative research designs, data collection and analysis. In particular, participants will learn how to meaningfully incorporate qualitative research with other research methods and study designs.

Course outline

The course is broken down into the following sections:

Online component (approx. 12 hours)

Students will have access to a Qualitative Research Methods e-Book on Alexandria via Moodle. The e-book includes embedded online activities and assessment tasks.

Students must complete the online component by the 11th November.

Face to face session

Key readings are included in this course.

Principles and concepts of qualitative research
Overview of qualitative research designs
Overview of mixed methods research designs
Qualitative data collection techniques
Ethics in qualitative research
Practical application of data collection techniques (practice interviews, focus groups and participant observation)
Rigour in qualitative research
Introduction to qualitative analysis (frameworks, coding)
Coding workshop
Making sense of your analysis
Communicating your findings (writing for publication)

Participants will be asked to submit a brief overview of current or intended research to help inform the development of practical exercise for the course.

Please note: It is not mandatory to bring a laptop to this course. You may, if you wish, bring one to Day 3 however it is not compulsory.

Course materials include lecture and seminar slides and key readings.

Assessment tasks

  • Multiple choice quiz (10%)
  • Development of interview or focus group topic guide (15%)
  • Qualitative research article critique (25%)
  • Study protocol and ethics application (50%)

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for clinical and allied health professionals, psychologists, public health researchers, and PhD candidates interested in using qualitative research methods.

Accelerate your qualification

Eligible participants who complete the assessed version of this short course can receive 6 credit points towards the Masters in Public Health. Valid for 7 years.

Learn more at: monash.edu/pubs/handbooks/courses/M6024.html

Important note: Completion of the assessed version of the short courses does not guarantee admission into an award course. For further information regarding admission into the award courses, please contact: pgradenq@monash.edu

Fee policy

Written applications to withdraw from the assessed version of a course and transfer to a non-assessed version will be accepted up to six business days prior to course commencement.

Cost of assessment is non-refundable if withdrawal occurs 5 business days or less prior to face to face course.

While the information contained herein was correct at the date of publication, Monash University reserves the right to alter procedures, fees and regulations should the need arise.