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Public health investigates and applies medical and health knowledge at a global or community level, rather than at the individual level found in clinical medicine. It’s flexible, it can be applied across countless clinical domains and can have huge impact. Your work in public health can make a tangible difference to thousands, if not millions of people, whether it be implementing community health programs, developing national policies to tackle the next big infectious disease, or researching improved sanitation in slums.

A Monash undergraduate degree is an invaluable first step to an exciting and rewarding career in public health and clinical health sciences. We offer a flexible and fascinating curriculum, full of the latest learnings and taught by world-leaders.

What proof do we have? For starters, we're one of the largest schools of public health in the Asia-Pacific region. Our parent faculty, the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, is ranked 35th in the world for clinical medicine. Add to that Monash University's impressive employability ranking (1st in Australia for 2016) and our in-School expertise, and you have a degree that will help you into the workforce or further research.

Check out our undergraduate offerings below to see what skills and knowledge you can gain and the wide range of career and research pathways you may open up.

Courses offered by Monash Public Health and Preventive Medicine

Public health opportunities

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