Public Health Units taught by SPHPM

Interested in Public Health?

These are the units that we teach in the public health field:

Students studyingFirst year

HSC1100 – Introduction to research and evidence
HSC1200 – Introduction to public health
HSC1300 – Human health and disease
HSC1400 – The Australian healthcare system
BMS1042 – Public health and preventive medicine
PBH1102 – Introduction to communicating health
PBH1104 – Global health: Opportunities and challenges

Second year

HSC2100 – Emerging challenges in health
HSC2200 – Health and the human lifespan
HSC2300 – Health promotion and disease prevention
PBH2001 – Foundations of epidemiology
PBH2002 – Foundations of biostatistics
PBH2003 – Culture, society and health
PBH2004 – Health, law and ethics
PBH2005 – Health program planning
PBH2006 – Treatment and technologies
PBH2008 – Introduction to health policy and politics

Third year

BME3032 – Introduction to the health system
BMS3052 – Biomedical basis and epidemiology of human disease
BMS3990 – Action in biomedical science: minor research project
FOR3001 – Principles of forensic medicine and science
PBH3001 – Public health and clinical research methods
PBH3002 – Communicable disease prevention and control
PBH3004 – Health program evaluation
PBH3005 – Social and behavioural sciences in public health
PBH3006 – Public health research practicum
PBH3007 – Health promotion practicum
PBH3008 – Case studies in global and public health
PBH3009 – Chronic disease epidemiology and control
PBH3010 – Health data management
PBH3011 – Advanced biostatistics for public health
PBH3012 – Translating research into practice