Short Course program

Biostatistics for Clinical and Public Health Research

12, 14 & 15 NOVEMBER 2018 · 553 St Kilda Road, Melbourne

This short course introduces clinical and public health researchers to biostatistics as applied to public health and management studies. Biostatistics is the science of describing, summarising and analysing health-related data; it is essential to understand biostatistics in order to design, conduct and interpret health-related research.

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Australian Certificate of Civil Aviation Medicine (ACCAM)

12–23 NOVEMBER 2018 · 553 St Kilda Road, Melbourne

This two-week course introduces medical practitioners to the medical and physiological aspects of aviation and the regulatory framework for aviation in Australia. The course is a requirement to be able to register with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) as a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME).

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CASA Regulatory Aviation Medicine

19 NOVEMBER 2018 · 553 St Kilda Road, Melbourne

This short course is essential for DAME designation by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). The course covers the role of a DAME (Designated Aviation Medical Examiner); ICAO; Part 67; Procedures for exam (including demo of MRS online); and CASA policies about clinical matters. (Participants must have previous aviation training that has been confirmed by CASA as acceptable in order to be eligible for DAME certification.)

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Introduction to Data Analysis – SPSS Without Tears

21–22 NOVEMBER 2018 · 553 St Kilda Road, Melbourne

This short course introduces data analysis using IBM SPSS. Participants will have opportunity to analyse real life medical data and supports for results discussion and conclusion. The course covers: data entering, data labelling, data cleaning, data computing/transforming and data analysis (using commands on menus) including summary statistics, hypothesis test, 95% CI, ANOVA, non-parametric method, RR, OR, correlation, linear regression, logistic regression and Cox’s regression.

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Qualitative Research Methods for Public Health

28–30 NOVEMBER 2018 · 553 St Kilda Road, Melbourne

This short course introduces participants to the theories, concepts and practice of qualitative research. Participants will gain practical skills in employing qualitative research designs, data collection and analysis, and learn how to meaningfully incorporate qualitative research with other research methods and study designs.

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The Procedures Course

4–5 DECEMBER 2018 · Melbourne

This 2-day course will teach you how to confidently perform a wide range of basic and complex resuscitative procedures. It is a collaboration between The Alfred Trauma Unit, Alfred Emergency & Trauma Centre, National Trauma Research Institute and Monash University. It comprises phase 1 of the Alfred Shock, Trauma & Resuscitation Program (A-S.T.A.R) which focuses primarily on procedural skills. Sessions will have a heavy emphasis on acquiring hands-on skills for the management of the multiply injured complex trauma patient.

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Global Health Care Delivery

13–14 APRIL 2019 · Melbourne

Understanding global health in a modern, globalised world has never been more challenging or significant. Global health lies at the nexus of global patterns of biological and social disorder and the need for effective, integrated and practical global health care delivery is crucial and immediate. This course will explore a practical, human rights based approach to global health care delivery.

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