About us

Aviation medicine is a unique field, and is concerned with the interaction between the aviation environment and human physiological and psychological systems. It is a specialised subset of the wider field of occupational medicine.

Suzy and David at the 2016 AsMA conference in Atlantic CityOur main emphasis is on understanding the implications of exposure to the flight environment on human performance. As such, we are fundamentally concerned with health consequences in pilots, aircrew and aircraft passengers.

We conduct a range of training and research activities in aviation medicine.

Head of Unit

Professor David Newman

Advisory Board

The Aviation Medicine Unit Advisory Board helps to ensure that we continue to offer innovative, relevant and appropriate training in aviation medicine and industry-relevant research outputs. The membership of the 8-person advisory board is made up of graduates of the our training programs. They combine expertise in aviation medicine with a range of other specialist areas. The current members consist of academic medical practitioners, designated aviation medicine examiners, medical specialists, general practitioners and aviation medicine specialists working in the global aviation industry.

  • Dr Thomas Chong
  • Dr Christine Dunn
  • Dr Jane George
  • Dr Mark Loeffler
  • Dr Simon May
  • Dr Raveen Purba
  • Dr Sean Runacres
  • Dr Alicia Tucker