Australian Certificate of Civil Aviation Medicine (ACCAM)


Monash University has been hosting the ACCAM course for over 25 years. This course introduces medical practitioners to the medical and physiological aspects of aviation and the regulatory framework for aviation in Australia. The course is a requirement to be able to register with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) as a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner (DAME). The role of a DAME is to examine pilots and air traffic controllers for fitness to work.

The ACCAM course attracts a wide and varied range of students including: general practitioners, medical staff from international retrieval organisations, airline medical staff, medical staff from other aviation authorities (eg. Nigeria, Maldives) and nurses. No previous knowledge of Aviation Medicine is required.

Course coordinator Associate Professor David Newman has been running this course since 2000 and brings to each course a wealth of knowledge in relation to aviation medicine. David spent over 12 years in the RAAF as a medical officer and aviation medicine specialist and completed aviation medicine courses in the US and UK, including the Diploma of Aviation Medicine through the Royal College of Physicians, London. He holds a PhD in physiology and is a Fellow of the Aerospace Medical Association and the Royal Aeronautical Society. He is also a qualified pilot, and has flown a variety of military and civilian fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft, including 150 hours in high performance aircraft such as the F/A-18 and Harrier.

Course details

The ACCAM course is run three times a year in Melbourne. The course runs for a total of 10 days (does not run on weekends) and approx. start and finish time for each day is 9am–5pm, with the exception of the two offsite visits which may have a later finish time. Both offsite visits include transportation to and from the venue.

A textbook required as pre reading is sent out to all students after a 10% course fee deposit is made – Flying Fast Jets by David G Newman.

Course examination

On the final day of the ACCAM course all students complete a 1.5 hour A-E multiple choice examination which requires a 50% pass to receive the ACCAM certification.

Offsite visits

Students visit the Ansett Aviation Training facility in Tullamarine as a part of the two week training course and experience the 737 and BAe 146 flight simulators.

Students also get the opportunity to visit Air Services Australia at Tullamarine which includes a visit to the control tower and the operations room. Air Services Australia staff give the students a background briefing on the role of an air traffic controller and their working conditions, while the visits to the tower and ops room give the students a rare opportunity to see air traffic controllers at work.

Registration and payment

To be added to the mailing list for the ACCAM course please email Those subscribed to the mailing list will receive regular ACCAM updates including course date confirmation, registration opening/closing details as well as wait list information.

In order to secure a spot in the ACCAM course students must successfully complete the 10% desposit fee payment either online (Visa or Mastercard only) or by selecting the 'cheque' payment option. Please note there is no EFT transfer / BPAY / Paypal method currently available and cash payment is also unacceptable.

Deposit payments are non-refundable however are transferable to a course commencing in the following 12 months.

The balance fee payment is due 90 days prior to course commencement. Students will need their email address used for registration and their confirmation number to complete the balance fee payment.

This course has a strict maximum number which must be adhered to in order to maintain offsite visits and a comfortable learning environment for students. It is recommended that those interested in getting accreditation ASAP register early to avoid disappointment. Once a course has reached maximum capacity a waitlist will begin. In the case a place becomes available students will be contacted via email.

Please note: once you are on a waitlist you ARE NOT automatically registered for the next available course. The only way to secure a spot in the ACCAM course is to complete the 10% deposit payment once registration opens. 'Pre-registration' is not available under any circumstance.

Fee policy

Please refer to the Fee Policy for information regarding discounts and refunds.


There are plenty of accommodation options surrounding the course venue. An accommodation listing is available to students once they secure a spot in the course which offers the best price for accommodation in the area, however it is strongly recommended that students check out other accommodation deals online (via, etc.)

International students

It is strongly recommend that students attending the ACCAM course have an IELTS score of 5 or higher.

Monash University does not need any documentation from students to apply for the ACCAM course.

Monash University can provide international students with a letter of acceptance into the course upon successful payment of the 10% deposit. This can sometimes be useful when applying for a Visa.

Please note: Monash University does not arrange Visas for attendance of this course. Each country has different requirements so please check your eligibility with your consulate before making the 10% non-refundable deposit payment.


SeasonAverage maximumAverage minimum
SUMMER (December–February): warm to hot 25°C (77°F)  14°C (57°F)
AUTUMN (March–May): mild  20°C (68°F) 11°C (52°F)
WINTER (June–August): cool to brisk 14°C (57°F)  7°C (45°F)
SPRING (September–November): cool to mild  20°C (68°F) 10°C (50°F)

CASA Regulatory Medicine short course

The CASA Regulatory Medicine Short course is a one-day course run within the two-week ACCAM course. This course is administered and presented by CASA, and students completing this course with a prior Aviation medicine accreditation (often international) are then eligible for DAME certification. Please contact CASA directly to see if you qualify: