The Aviation Medicine unit take flight!

Associate Professor David Newman and Ms Suzy Giuliano visited Doha, Qatar to deliver 2 Aviation Medicine short courses co badged with Qatar airways 30 September -  13 October 2018.  The Monash Advanced Aviation Medicine course included a diverse group of students from Sweden, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia and the Middle East.

The Basic Aviation Medicine for Nurses and Paramedics course, delivered to a number of Qatar Airways staff, was also extremely well received.

The Monash Aviation Medicine unit aim to run 2 courses in Doha in 2019.

2018 July ACCAM completed! Congratulations to Dr David Cooper who achieved the highest mark to take out the Dux award.

Associate Professor David Newman and the Aviation Medicine Unit recently completed the second of three Australian Certificate of Civil Aviation Medicine (ACCAM) courses to run in 2018. Students visited the Ansett Aviation Training facility in Tullamarine where they took control of the 737 and BAe-146 ​flight simulators​.​ They also visited the control tower and the operations room at Air Services Australia​.

The students produced excellent final exam results, with Dr David Cooper taking out the Dux award.

The Advanced Course in Aviation Medicine is schedule to run in October.  This course is open to Alumni of the ACCAM and those who have completed equivalent training in Aviation Medicine. The course is held in Doha and is run in conjunction with Qatar Airways.  A 2 day course, Basic Aviation Medicine for Nurses and Paramedics, will also run following the Advanced course in Qatar.

Further information on the Monash Aviation medicine unit can be found here.