We conduct a wide range of research activities in aviation medicine and aerospace physiology, with an emphasis on the effects of altitude, G forces, spatial disorientation and motion sickness in both pilots and passengers.

Research in these areas is designed to gain a better understanding of the human consequences of exposure to the flight environment, and ultimately to improve flight safety.

Much of our research involves collaborations with national and international partners, and in conjunction with the aviation industry.

Current research areas

  • Neck injuries in pilots exposed to high G
  • Cardiovascular regulation and control in the high G environment
  • Spatial disorientation in aircrew
  • Passenger health in airline operations
  • Super-agile flight and its biodynamic implications

Postgraduate research student opportunities

We welcome applications from suitably qualified candidates wishing to undertake postgraduate research in the aviation medicine field, up to PhD level.

Contact Professor David Newman for more details.


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