Our staff

Scientific Director: Dr John Reynolds

John obtained his PhD in Statistics, with a Minor in Genetics, from North Carolina State University. His experience lies mainly in the design and analysis of oncology clinical trials (all phases) but his early career experience was gained in the design and analysis of experiments in the biological, food and agricultural sciences.

Senior Biostatistician: Dr Eldho Paul

Eldho Paul has been working as a Research Fellow in the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine (DEPM) since 2008. He has a background in biostatistics and works as a consultant statistician for The Alfred Hospital.

Senior Biostatistician: A/Prof Arul Earnest

Arul Earnest is an Associate Professor with the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine. His current research interest is in Bayesian spatio-temporal models and longitudinal data analysis. He has developed and applied these models on a number of disease outcomes in Singapore, Australia and Cambodia.

Biostatistician: Ms Catherine Smith

Catherine has worked as a biostatistician within DEPM since March 2011. Her primary role has been to assist PhD students and staff with their statistical analyses. She has also worked as a statistician on the ASPREE study, a large population-based clinical trial. She has had over 12 years of experience working in various medical fields and has worked in public health at Sydney University and as a statistical consultant at Melbourne University.

Biostatistician: Dr StellaMay Gwini

StellaMay graduated with a BSc(Hons) in Statistics, an MSc in Health Services Research & Technology Assessment and a PhD in 2016. She has worked on multiple projects within observational and experimental research covering many areas including HIV/AIDS, cardiovascular health, vaccination, opiate overdose, occupational cohorts, workers’ compensation, mental health and other clinical areas. Her major research interests are in the appropriate and efficient use of data analysis tools; use of administrative data to improve health services; general health services research; and post-marketing surveillance of medical drugs & technologies.

Affiliated Consultants

Prof Andrew Forbes obtained his PhD in Statistics from Cornell University in the area of measurement error in case control studies. He joined Monash in 1992 in a role involving teaching, research and consulting. His areas of research interest are methods for cluster randomised trials, causal inference techniques applied to epidemiological and clinical research, and interrupted time series.

Prof Rory Wolfe

Prof Rory Wolfe has been a biostatistician at Monash University since 2000 and contributes to a wide range of epidemiological, public health and clinical research studies. He has published over 200 peer-reviewed articles. Prof Wolfe obtained his PhD in applied statistics from Southampton University (UK), subsequently did postdoctoral research in statistical methodology for longitudinal studies, and maintains methodological interests across a number of areas including risk prediction models.

A/Prof Stephane Heritier is biostatistician at Monash University. He obtained his PhD in statistics at the University of Geneva (Switzerland). Stephane has been involved in the design and analysis of large-scale studies, mainly in cardiovascular and renal diseases, neurological and mental health, critical care and injury prevention. His research interests include adaptive designs, cluster randomised trials, survival analysis and robust statistics.

Dr Baki Billah coordinates undergraduate and postgraduate biostatistics subjects and his statistical consulting role is principally with HDR students. His main research interests are risk modeling, forecasting and model selection.

Dr Jessica Kasza received her PhD in Statistics from the University of Adelaide in 2010. Her statistical interests include the application and development of statistical methodology for the comparison of healthcare provider performance and the estimation of causal effects.

Mr Sanjeeva Ranasinha has worked at SPHPM for over 4 years as a Research Fellow/Biostatistician and collaborates and consults with researchers at Monash Health. Sanjeeva's areas of expertise include Multilevel and Longitudinal Modeling, Bayesian statistics and Structural Equation Models.

Ms Sarah Arnup has experience in the design and analysis of clinical trials from pilot studies to multicentre randomised trials in hospital and community settings; and data collection and management. Her current research focusses on her PhD work concerning cluster randomised trials with a crossover of interventions at the cluster level.

Dr Sam Brilleman holds a BSc(Hons) in Statistics, an MSc in Medical Statistics and a PhD in Biostatistics. He has more than five years’ experience working within academic health research departments as an applied statistician, including work at the School of Population Health (University of Queensland), Research Centre for Gender, Health and Ageing (University of Newcastle) and the School of Social and Community Medicine (University of Bristol). His primary research interests are related to statistical methods for analysing longitudinal data from cohort studies. He is currently undertaking a PhD entitled Joint longitudinal and time-to-event models for applications in health research.

Ms Kim Jachno has a Masters in Biostatistics and has been involved with, and provided biostatistical consultations in a wide range of research areas - study design, data management, monitoring and analysis of both RCTs and longitudinal cohort studies. Prior to working in the biostatistical field, Kim had over a decade of experience working as a Research Scientist in pharmaceutical companies and the CSIRO on a range of drug design and preclinical validation projects.