About Us

Climate change and air pollution are major threats to public health. Unless decisive action is taken to reduce the impact, both issues will increase over time, as will the associated health problems.

Rising seawaters and extreme weather events could increase flooding, leading to an increase in water-borne disease outbreaks, and lead to unsanitary living conditions. Droughts and heatwaves could increase heat-related deaths, and affect crops and access to food. Air pollution is associated with increased risk of respiratory conditions and numerous other health problems.

Our team has significant experience in researching the impact of climate and air quality on health. In 2018 alone we’ve shown that fine-particulate air pollution can increase the risk of miscarriage, developed forecasts for heat-related deaths worldwide based on current climate trends, and shown that a link exists between air pollution and autism.

We apply environmental epidemiology, biostatistics, remote sensing modelling and infectious disease modelling to air quality and climate change. We regularly collaborate with international and domestic research groups, and have strong links with researchers in mainland China, who share an interest in air quality.

Yuming Guo Head of Unit

Professor Yuming Guo

Contact: +61 3 9905 6100
Email: Yuming.Guo@monash.edu

Our Team

Deputy Unit Head & Research Fellow

  • Dr Shanshan (Shandy) Li – Epidemiologist and Biostatistician specialising in atmospheric environmental health and child health

Senior Lecturer

Adjunct Appointments

Current PhD Students

  • Zhaoyue Chen
  • Suying Guo
  • Samuel Hundessa – Climate change and malaria transmission: A national study in China
  • Amanda Johnson – Coal mine fire and human health: Hazelwood Health Study
  • Muhammad Khan – Weather conditions and biomarkers: a population-based cohort study
  • Rongbin Xu – Air pollution and epigenetics: multiple international cohort studies
  • Tingting Ye
  • Pei Yu

Past PhD Students

  • Qi Zhao – Climate change and hospital admission in Brazil: A national study
  • Gongbo Chen – PM1 and human health: novel exposure assessment and important health outcomes

Current Visiting Scholars

  • Associate Professor Chunlei Han, Binzhou Medical University – Environmental Inequality and human health

Past Visiting Scholars

  • Peng Lu, Binzhou Medical University – Environmental toxicology and environmental health
  • Guoxin Xia, Binzhou Medical University – Public Health, Epidemiology, Surgery
  • Yajuan Zhang, Ningxia Medical University – Environmental epidemiology, air pollution and human health, climate change and human health
  • Youn-Hee Lim, Seoul National University, 2018 – Environmental epidemiology and statistics, health impacts of air pollution and climate change
  • Kejia Hu, Zhejiang University, 2017-2018 – Health impacts of climate change and air pollution
  • Qin Li, Peking University, 2017-2018 – Environmental exposure and birth health