Publications 2016

Journal Articles

Redmayne  Mary, Smith  Catherine, Benke  Geza, Croft  Rodney, Dalecki  Anna, Dimitriadis  Christina, Kaufman  Jordy, Macleod  Skye, Sim  Malcolm, Wolfe  Rory, Abramson  Michael. Use of mobile and cordless phones and cognition in Australian primary school children: a prospective cohort study. Environmental Health, 2016, 15:26, pp.2-10. DOI: 10.1186/s12940-016-0116-1. 

Bhatt Chhavi, Thielens Arno, Redmayne Mary, Abramson Michael, Billah Baki, Sim Malcolm, Vermeulen Roel, Martens Luc, Joseph Wout, Benke Geza. Measuring personal exposure from 900 MHz mobile phone base stations in Australia and Belgium using a novel personal distributed exposimeter. Environment International, 2016, Volumes 92–93, pp. 388–397

Bhatt Chhavi Raj, Thielens Arno, Billah Baki, Redmayne Mary, Abramson Michael J, Sim Malcolm R, Vermeulen Roel, Martens Luc, Wout Joseph. Assessment of personal exposure from radiofrequency-electromagnetic fields in Australia and Belgium using on-body calibrated exposimeters. Environmental Research, November 2016, 151, pp.547–563.

Other Presentations

Bhatt CR, Smith CL, Redmayne M, Croft RJ, Darby D, Dimitriadis C, Kaufman J, Sim MR, Wolfe R, Benke G, Abramson MJ. A longitudinal study of wireless phone use and cognitive function in Australian primary school children. Oral Presentation at the 40th Annual Conference of the Australasian Radiation Protection Society, 6-9 October, 2015 Canberra, Australia

Bhatt CR,Thielens A, Redmayne M, Abramson MJ, Sim MR, Vermeulen R, Martens L, Joseph W, Benke G. Personal exposure from mobile phone base stations in Australia. Poster presentation at Science and Wireless Event 2015, 8th December, 2015, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia

Bhatt CR. Personal Exposure Monitoring and Kindergarten Studies. Oral Presentation at Centre for Population Health Research on Electromagnetic Energy (PRESEE) Translation event, 21 July 2015.