Chhavi Raj Bhatt

Chhavi Raj BhattBSc Radiol Technol, MSc Radioecology (Norway)
PhD candidate


Chhavi is a radiological technologist-turned-radioecologist having key research interest in the area of radiation research from public health perspective. He has accumulated more than five years of professional work experience in radiotherapy clinical practice and radioecology. Moreover, he has also strengthened his research interest through the international collaboration with the academicians and scientists from Belgium, India, Nepal, Norway, United Arab Emirates, and the United States. His scientific papers have been presented at various international conferences in Argentina, Canada, Germany, India, Nepal, Norway, Sweden, and United States.

He is a recipient of Monash Graduate Scholarship, and Faculty of Medicine International Postgraduate Scholarship in 2014, and currently pursuing PhD study under the tutelage of Dr. Geza Benke and Prof. Michael Abramson. His PhD focusses on the exposure assessment of various types of radiofrequency sources viz. mobile phones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi, and base stations, and their potential population health outcomes in Australia.