Registry Data Analysis and Reporting

Monash Clinical Registries utilise the expertise of senior and experienced statisticians and data analysts for all formal reporting and more complex research-related activities. Subscribing to the principles of Reproducibility, Accuracy, Consistency and Validity (RACV), the team also work closely with registry practitioners via a hub and spoke model, to elevate the level of statistical literacy among staff.

Specific activities include:

  1. Providing statistical support to produce annual reports which are statistically sound and in a timely manner
  2. Troubleshooting existing data analytics problems
  3. Developing guidelines and operating procedures for the design and analysis of registry data
  4. Undertaking quality control audits of data/analysis from registry data
  5. Planning and conducting training courses and workshops

The team is also involved in collaborative research with the various registries as well as methodological research, including simulation studies to improve the application of funnel plots for rare/sparse disease outcomes, geo-spatial Bayesian hierarchical models for areal data, risk-adjusted cusum models and reporting checklist for registry data. The team has recently conducted workshops on ‘Reporting Registry Data’ as well as ‘Using Stata for Registry Science’ aimed at registry managers and those wishing to gain a better understanding of how to utilise registry data.

Our Team

Senior Biostatistician

Data Analysts

  • Dr Farhad Salimi PhD, MEng, BEng
  • Jacob Egwunye MEpi, BBiomedSc
  • Jessy Hansen MEpi, BSc

PhD student

  • Win Wah