Gambling and Social Determinants

The focus of the Gambling and Social Determinants Unit is on developing effective harm prevention and minimisation interventions and policy for the harms associated with gambling, and with other non-communicable disease.

To pursue this, we adopt a ‘social-determinants’ approach – that is, we examine the upstream causes of harm, and seek to develop policy and other responses to prevent illness and harm.

We work extensively in gambling harm prevention, but current projects include identifying the commercial determinants of health and applying these principles to the food industry, and other ‘dangerous consumption’ industries, which we know are increasingly responsible for harms including obesity, poor mental health, and gambling and alcohol harm.

Additionally, recent work has focused on the role of health promotion in reducing the adverse health effects of climate change, and identifying measures from diverse public health domains for adaptation to new domains of harm prevention.

Head of Unit

Associate Professor Charles Livingstone
PhD, MEc, GDip Econ Hist, BA

Phone: +61 3 9903 1679