Half of women over 35 who want a child don’t end up having one, or have fewer than they planned

7 December 2021

Dr Karin Hammarberg discusses the fertility related components from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) 2021 report. Over 20 years, HILDA has tracked more than 17,500 people in 9,500 households. Read more in The Conversation.

How Ruth and Leonie found the gift of conversation in isolation

30 October 2021

Global and Women's Health honours student alumna, Stephanie McKelvie, discusses her Conversations in Isolation initiative which she established in the early days of the pandemic. Read it here in The Age.

The mental health challenges facing ageing women: Insights from female baby boomers

21 October 2021

The four main contributors to poor mental health in older women include illness and disability, financial insecurity, maltreatment, and loss and grief. Read more in Monash Lens.

Never more important to ask patients about pregnancy plans

20 September 2021

With some delaying their baby plans due to COVID-19, Dr Karin Hammarberg discusses on MJA's InSight+ how Australian GPs can help their patients use the wait to improve their pre-conception health, so they’re primed for pregnancy and parenthood when the time is right.

Podcast: 'Mental health in the age of COVID-19'

5 September 2021

Professor Jane Fisher AO calls for the recognition of grief for all those important moments and events we have missed during COVID-19 in a Jean Hailes podcast for Women's Health Week.

'Fathers are just as important': concerns over Census fertility question

11 August 2021

In this year's Census, women are being asked how many children they’ve birthed. Dr Karin Hammarberg is questioning why men are not being asked about their fertility, telling SBS's The Feed that reproductive health is “a shared responsibility.

VicHealth funding announced

4 August 2021

Prof Jane Fisher and colleagues have secured funding from VicHealth supporting their work in postpartum mental health promotion for CALD families.

Last shot pregnancy

15 June 2021

What happens if you want a baby but you're running out of time? Yumi Stynes seeks expert commentary from Dr Karin Hammarberg and interviews several women experiencing their last shot at pregnancy. Listen at the ABC website.

Psychologist says to 'quell feelings of anxiety and panic'

28 May 2021

Timely advice from Professor Jane Fisher on dealing with feelings of anxiety and depression arising from lockdown extension. Watch on the ABC website.

Researchers have warned couples that money would be better spent on more cycles of IVF rather than using unproven and costly IVF ‘add-ons’

4 May 2021

Dr Karin Hammarberg received widespread media coverage for research, conducted with affiliates, which indicated that most women undergoing IVF are using add-on therapies for which there is no proof they will work.

Do you really need IVF? A new online tool can help you weigh up your options

3 February 2021

Dr Karin Hammarberg discusses how a new free online tool may assist people in informing decisions around fertility treatment in The Conversation.

Life and Other Catastrophes on ABC Radio Melbourne

Professor Jane Fisher has a regular segment on ABC Radio Melbourne's Drive with Rafael Epstein – Life and Other Catastrophes – which explores the complications that arise in our relationships, friendships, and daily lives.

The mental load of IVF

1 November 2021

Karin Hammarberg was interviewed on Mamamia's The Quicky podcast recently, around the mental health toll exacted by IVF treatment, and a recent shift in provider's attitudes to the importance of counselling and emotional support to patients. It's an important listen for anyone considering treatment.

How parents can explain complex reproductive health issues to their children

13 October 2021

Dr Karin Hammarberg discusses how parents can explain complex reproductive health scenarios, such as assisted reproductive technology, to their kids in this Family Planning Victoria podcast.

The fertility conversation we are missing in our teens and 20s

12 September 2021

As infertility affects one in six Australian couples, experts say there is a problem with how we discuss and approach fertility, and it starts in our teenage years. Read more in the SMH.

We asked 9,000 Australians about their mental health needs post-COVID — this is what they want

1 September 2021

The Global and Women's Health team shared the results of their survey in The Conversation recently. They asked 9,000 Australians about their mental health needs after the pandemic subsides.

Double trouble: How severe lockdown restrictions have taken a toll on population mental health

6 August 2021

Research shows last year's lockdowns in Victoria were associated with near double the population prevalence of anxiety and depressive symptoms. Read more at Monash Lens.

If you're feeling low you're not alone

29 July 2021

Prof Jane Fisher AO was featured in The Age in a piece focussing on the Global and Women's Health Team's survey from 2020 which found record levels of mental health symptoms during lockdowns.

Flesh after Fifty

June 2021

Dr Karin Hammarberg was on the advisory board of the Flesh after Fifty exhibition, held at Abbotsford Convent in March 2021. The exhibition challenged negative stereotypes of ageing and celebrated positive images of older women through art. Watch a short documentary on Vimeo.

Does the so-called fertility cliff exist?

7 May 2021

Dr Karin Hammarberg discusses factors surrounding fertility on ABC radio's Life Matters.

Young people are hungry for good sex education. There's a program in Mexico that gets it right.

10 March 2021

Dr Shelly Makleff has recently joined the Global and Women's Health team and has already contributed to the discussion surrounding sexuality education in Australia, with recent media coverage in The Conversation. Dr Makleff’s research focuses on global sexual and reproductive health and the evaluation of social and complex interventions.

Dr Claire Stubber

Vale Dr Claire Stubber

12 February 2021

It is with sadness that the Global and Women's Health Unit announces the death of researcher and advocate Dr Claire Stubber. Claire's life was shaped by her experience as an organ recipient, caused by significant congenital cardiac defects. Reflections on her own life drove her passion for research into improving outcomes and experiences for people receiving donated hearts and lungs. She was admitted to hospital in September 2020 and died two days before Christmas 2020. Claire's friends and colleagues are grateful to have benefited from her warmth, her insight, her sense of humour, and her scholarship.

A full obituary is available here.