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We frequently contribute to media reports relating to our research and contemporary debates about health and health equity, including major articles in newspapers and magazines.

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Life and Other Catastrophes on ABC Radio Melbourne

Professor Jane Fisher has a regular segment on ABC Radio Melbourne's Drive with Rafael Epstein – Life and Other Catastrophes – which explores the complications that arise in our relationships, friendships, and daily lives.

Psychologist says to 'quell feelings of anxiety and panic'

28 May 2021

Timely advice from Professor Jane Fisher on dealing with feelings of anxiety and depression arising from lockdown extension.

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Researchers have warned couples that money would be better spent on more cycles of IVF rather than using unproven and costly IVF ‘add-ons’

4 May 2021

Dr Karin Hammarberg received widespread media coverage for research, conducted with affiliates, which indicated that most women undergoing IVF are using add-on therapies for which there is no proof they will work.

Do you really need IVF? A new online tool can help you weigh up your options

3 February 2021

Dr Karin Hammarberg discusses how a new free online tool may assist people in informing decisions around fertility treatment in The Conversation.

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How much should having a baby cost?

16 December 2020

Dr Karin Hammarberg is interviewed about her work to make assisted reproduction more accessible in low-income countries in an article in Nature's Outlook supplement. Dr Hammarberg and colleagues helped Dr Tinovimba Mhlanga set up an IVF clinic in Harare, Zimbabwe.


Improving the development of young children in Vietnam through community based Learning Clubs

1 December 2020

Professor Fisher discusses the extensive Learning Clubs research, which has recently received an award from the World Bank to extend the program to involve fathers.

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Should you freeze your eggs? IVF websites don't crack the surface

11 October 2020

Dr Karin Hammarberg was recently interviewed by the SMH about a study auditing and rating egg-freezing information on Australia's largest fertility clinics.

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Mental health

26 July 2020

Victorians' mental health has taken a massive hit over the past four months, and data reveals more than half the population has been affected psychologically.

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So, you're planning on getting pregnant this year

26 May 2020

If you started 2020 with a plan to conceive, you may be feeling nervous due to COVID-19. So how safe is it to try for a baby at the moment? And what are some of the things you should consider?

Dr Karin Hammarberg explains in The Age

Mental health and COVID-19 – how the coronavirus is affecting our way of life

18 April 2020

Professor Jane Fisher discusses Monash University's launch of a major national survey to assess how the nation is coping with the effects of coronavirus.

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Recognising disenfranchised grief amid COVID-19

26 March 2020

Professor Jane Fisher and Dr Maggie Kirkman discuss disenfranchised grief and its implications during and beyond COVID-19.

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Reaching health equity through gender competence

6 March 2020

Professor Jane Fisher believes that equity in health outcomes – particularly women’s mental health – can be advanced through gender competence in healthcare.

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Last shot pregnancy

15 June 2021

What happens if you want a baby but you're running out of time? Yumi Stynes seeks expert commentary from Dr Karin Hammarberg and interviews several women experiencing their last shot at pregnancy.

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Flesh after Fifty

June 2021

Dr Karin Hammarberg was on the advisory board of the Flesh after Fifty exhibition, held at Abbotsford Convent in March 2021. The exhibition challenged negative stereotypes of ageing and celebrated positive images of older women through art.

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Does the so-called fertility cliff exist?

7 May 2021

Dr Karin Hammarberg discusses factors surrounding fertility on ABC radio's Life Matters.

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Young people are hungry for good sex education. There's a program in Mexico that gets it right.

10 March 2021

Dr Shelly Makleff has recently joined the Global and Women's Health team and has already contributed to the discussion surrounding sexuality education in Australia, with recent media coverage in The Conversation. Dr Makleff’s research focuses on global sexual and reproductive health and the evaluation of social and complex interventions.

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Dr Claire Stubber

Vale Dr Claire Stubber

12 February 2021

It is with sadness that the Global and Women's Health Unit announces the death of researcher and advocate Dr Claire Stubber. Claire's life was shaped by her experience as an organ recipient, caused by significant congenital cardiac defects. Reflections on her own life drove her passion for research into improving outcomes and experiences for people receiving donated hearts and lungs. She was admitted to hospital in September 2020 and died two days before Christmas 2020. Claire's friends and colleagues are grateful to have benefited from her warmth, her insight, her sense of humour, and her scholarship.

A full obituary is available here.

Women bear the cost of the COVID-19 care load

7 December 2020

Dr Karin Hammerberg covers recent research findings indicating that women caregivers are carrying the burden of COVID-19.

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COVID-19: Pandemic alcohol use and mental health problems

26 October 2020

Dr Thach Tran and Professor Jane Fisher share research about the increased use of alcohol during the pandemic and reveal that people with mental health problems are most at risk.

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The big question you should be asking your friends and family right now

27 July 2020

ABC opinion piece from Professor Jane Fisher.

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Mental health and the coronavirus: How COVID-19 is affecting us

27 July 2020

Jane Fisher and Maggie Kirkman discuss the latest findings from their national survey into the mental health of Australians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Coronavirus lockdown takes toll on mental health, with younger people worst affected, survey finds

12 June 2020

The largest survey of Australians' mental health during the stay-at-home restrictions found many of us felt anxious and depressed.

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IVF is changing now clinics have reopened. Here's what to expect during the coronavirus pandemic.

6 May 2020

Dr Karin Hammarberg discusses the differences between states and the changes in care for people undergoing IVF during the coronavirus pandemic.

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How are you? Living with COVID-19 restrictions in Australia

8 April 2020

Professor Jane Fisher discusses the launch of an online survey, aimed at capturing the mental health effects of the COVID-19 restrictions in Australia.

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