'Do you want to have kids in the future?' education poster aims to improve fertility awareness

10 February 2020

Fertility education experts have launched an educational poster which details what people can do to have the best chance of having a healthy child.

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Health, physiotherapy, the future and you – Transform 2019

9 December 2019

Technology and innovation, public health interventions, the ageing population, and chronic disease prevention were key themes discussed at a plenary session by Professor Jane Fisher.

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Dr Maggie Kirkman awarded inaugural Champion for Women

29 November 2019

We were thrilled to see Dr Maggie Kirkman honoured as one of the inaugural Champions for Women by Women's Health Victoria recently.

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4th European Conference on Preconception Health and Care

13 November 2019

Dr Karin Hammarberg discussed the disconnect between the ideal biological age at which to have a baby and the increasing age of parents at conception in her keynote address.

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19th WPA World Congress of Psychiatry

9 October 2019

Professor Jane Fisher discusses how perinatal mental health problems among women are predominantly socially determined and how new evidence from Vietnam shows that legislation to reduce household poverty and making domestic violence a crime have led to a reduction in population level perinatal mental health.

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Dr Maggie Kirkman discusses ageism and women’s mental health at Women’s Health Grampians meeting

16 December 2019

Sexism, ageism and support for women to age well were key themes covered by Dr Maggie Kirkman at the Women’s Health Grampians (WHG) annual general meeting.

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Professor Jane Fisher appointed Deputy Chair of Global Health Alliance Australia

4 December 2019

Established in 2016, Global Health Alliance Australia is a peak body aimed at advancing sustainable development through improved health equity and health security in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Endometriosis – finally, sufferers are getting the attention they deserve

27 November 2019

Endometriosis sufferers are, for the first time, getting the attention they deserve. Celebrity disclosures, a UK petition to parliament supporting recognition of the condition as a disability, and social media have brought it to prominent public attention.

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Symposium enables women’s health knowledge sharing in Japan

9 October 2019

In August, a delegation of doctors, midwives, university lecturers and students from Japan learnt about the latest in the prevention of women’s health problems, research methods, and online resources for health promotion.

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Monash and the Global Health Alliance call for action to reduce health impacts of climate change

19 August 2019

The Global Health Alliance Australia and Monash University successfully launched health and climate change policy paper, ‘From Townsville to Tuvalu’ on 31 July.

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