Early Parenting Centres

Early Parenting Centres

The Queen Elizabeth project

A research partnership, between Monash University, Health and Social Care Unit (HSCU) and The Queen Elizabeth Centre (QEC), has been established to support QEC’s mission of inspiring confident, capable communities that enable children to thrive. This partnership is grounded in QEC’s vision for children to get the best start in life.

QEC’s public hospital and early parenting centres promote and support parent (care giver) / child relationships. QEC works in partnership with families to strengthen healthy and appropriate parenting for children from pre-birth through to the preschool years, with a focus on improving the impact of these relationships on outcomes for infants and young children.

The Monash University HSCU and QEC partnership aims to build the evidence base for the sustainability of QEC programs to improve child outcomes. This research project will conduct implementation and outcome evaluations of QEC programs and collaboratively develop an Outcomes Framework for consistent measurement of program delivery.

Project lead: Dr Mandy O’Connor