Opportunities for students

We are seeking talented scholars who wish to pursue a full-time PhD with our team. We are a multidisciplinary research team and would like to hear from people with health, medicine, social sciences, economics, law and other backgrounds.

We currently have three opportunities available. All include a tax-free scholarship of $33,106 for at least the first year. These include projects on:

  1. Disability and Social Policy
  2. COVID-19, Work and Health
  3. Mapping Return to Work: A Geospatial Study

We anticipate that all students will successfully complete studies within three contact years. All students complete PhD studies by publication so they have a track record when they finish their research.

If you would like more information about any of these opportunities, please contact alex.collie@monash.edu

Student testimonials

Xinyi Ren (graduated 2021)

Project: Factors associated with fatigue among Australian truck drivers

"During my three-year undergraduate study in Bachelor of Health Science, I gained a strong interest in research and hoped to engage in the field of public health research in the future. In this way, I found an honours year most suitable for me.

I started my honours year at the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at the start of 2021 under the supervision of Dr Ting Xia and Dr Elizabeth Pritchard, as part of the Driving Health team. During this year, both my supervisors as well as the rest of the team members gave me an abundance of support and helped me to learn and develop key research skills required for my future careers.

As an international student, studying abroad was always challenging. However, the Driving Health team created a very welcoming and friendly environment, which greatly reduced the intimidation of studying in another country.

It was a pleasure and joy working under both my supervisors and the Driving Health team. For anyone thinking of starting an honours year in the future, I strongly recommend studying with the Driving Health team or with my supervisors."

Kanya Pradipta

Project: Actions to Manage Mental Health Concerns during the
COVID-19 Pandemic

"I am Kanya, a 4th-year medical student from the University of Indonesia. I developed an interest in mental health and wanted to make my year of research an opportunity to explore my interests. Since pandemics don't happen every year, this topic is of great interest to me. I found out about this topic after being contacted by my supervisor, and I ended up doing my research project in the COVID Work and Health Study. This team works to study the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on Australians' physical and mental health who have lost work or lost their jobs. My study specifically analysed the actions that are more and less commonly done by people regarding managing their mental health. This team is also very warm, welcoming and passionate about what they do. They gave me valuable experience during this research year. I am also very grateful for the extraordinary support from my supervisors and all the skills I have learned this year. I would thoroughly recommend doing BMedSc(Hons) degree and encourage others interested in mental health research to contact my supervisors."

May Myat Linn

MD SIP Program 2021

"I’ve had the pleasure of doing my SIP rotation at SPHPM with my lovely supervisors! It’s one thing to gain research skills and knowledge, but more importantly, it’s another thing to know that the five weeks I got to spend with my team can contribute towards public health and policies, and actually make a difference. Thank you for all your support!"