About us

Infectious Diseases Epidemiology includes the study of the prevalence of infections in populations, the identification of risk factors, and the development and evaluation of effective treatment measures and prevention strategies.

Our Unit is involved in diverse areas of clinical and public health infectious disease research including:

  • assessing risk factors, frequency and impacts of infectious complications for community-acquired and nosocomial infections among various patient groups;
  • improving data on risk of infections related to contaminated environmental and water exposures in Australia and overseas, with outputs providing evidence-based science for safely expanding alternative water source use (rainwater, greywater, recycled water), for updating drinking / recycled water guidelines, and for the efficacy of preventive interventions;
  • benchmarking methodology for assessing major risk factors associated with imported infections via analysis of global sentinel surveillance data including COVID-19 and respiratory infections.

Heads of Unit

Professor Karin Leder
Email: karin.leder@monash.edu

Professor Allen Cheng
MPH, PhD, FRACP, Grad Dip (Clin Epi), MBBS
Email: allen.cheng@monash.edu

Our Team

Research Fellows


Project Manager

  • Josphin Johnson – RISE study (Assessment)
  • Shannon Zhong – COVIC-HA study

Project Officer

  • Owen Eades

Research Assistant

  • Sopheary Iem

GIS Specialist

  • Javad Shahidinejad

Data Officers

  • Fais Achmas (Indonesia)
  • Zainal (Indonesia)
  • Samuela Dau (Fiji)
  • Jannifer Filipe – Pathogen and Genomics (Fiji)
  • Maika Nativa (Fiji)

Adjunct Appointments

  • A/Prof Simon Crouch
  • Dr Robert Hall
  • Prof Margaret Hellard
  • Prof Leanne Robinson
  • Prof Brett Sutton

Current PhD Students

  • Stacey Rowe
  • Asma Sohail
  • Benjamin Talbot


We are actively involved in teaching both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and coordinate the Infectious Disease Epidemiology units for MPH students (MPH5303 and MPH5218). Unit staff also supervise honours, doctoral, and postdoctoral students.