Fluoridation of drinking water supplies


Assoc Prof Flavia Cicuttini
Prof Christopher Fairley (Melbourne University)
Dr Martha Sinclair
Ms Hana Kazda
Dr Lisa Demos

Funded by: The Department of Human Services, Victoria.

This project comprised a literature review and critical assessment of the evidence on public health effects of water fluoridation that has become available since 1990, when the NHMRC Working Group produced a report on this issue. The review provides an update on those health issues covered by the working group plus a summary of new concerns raised more recently. This document centres on the potential non-dental adverse effects of fluoride, while the effects on dental decay and fluorosis are the subject of a separate report to the DHS by another research group. The issue covered included osteoporosis, cancer, reproductive effects, gastrointestinal effects and effects on hearing.

The final version of the report was delivered to the Department of Human Services, Victoria in April 2000. The review found no substantial evidence that fluoridation of drinking water at 1ppm was associated with any of the potential adverse public health effects examined.