PhD Scholarship Opportunity

We are seeking talented health sciences, social sciences, epidemiological, allied health or medical candidates who wish to apply for a full-time scholarship to pursue a PhD. You should ideally have a quantitative background in the social or health sciences and an interest in the links between work and health.

Australia has a complex and fragmented approach to supporting people who cannot work due to injury or ill health. Income support for ill and injured workers is provided through a range of state, commonwealth and private systems including workers’ compensation, life insurance, unemployment benefits and the Disability Support Pension. There is very little information on the health, work and social function of people engaging with some of these systems. We also know very little about the movement of people with long term or chronic conditions between systems of support. Such information is critical for developing clinical and workplace interventions, as well as policies and practices to reduce the burden of work disability nationally. We are seeking candidates to work on three new studies in this area:

  • A study of the experiences, work function and health outcomes of Australians who make life insurance claims for income protection and total and permanent disability.
  • A study of the experiences, work function and health outcomes of Australians who are seeking access to, or receiving, the Disability Support Pension.
  • A study examining the movement of people with chronic health conditions between workers’ compensation and social security benefit systems.

Candidates will have an opportunity to learn how to conduct systematic reviews of research evidence, epidemiological analysis of large datasets, and quantitative surveys. Within this research program, there is ample opportunity for the candidate to conduct independent research under the supervision of an expert research team.

We anticipate that all students will successfully complete studies within three contact years. All students complete PhD studies by publication so they have a track record when they finish their research.

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