National Work Health and Safety Leading Indicator Survey

The leading indicators study sought to assess the relationship between three validated leading indicator measures and lagging indicators of workplace health and safety, in a large and diverse sample of Australian workers.

In this study three leading indicator measures were combined with a series of questions assessing common lagging indicators (such as observed injuries and incidents and time lost from work) into a single, 20 minute questionnaire. This questionnaire was administered via telephone and internet to a sample of more than 1100 Australian workers. The study had multiple objectives including:

  1. To determine the associations between employee, workplace and job characteristics on three WHS leading indicator measures.
  2. To assess the degree of overlap and complementarity of WHS leading indicator measures.
  3. To determine the association between scores on WHS leading indicator measures and employee-reported lagging indicator measures.

The National Work Health and Safety Leading Indicator Survey report is available here.