WorkCover Queensland Collaboration - Recovery Blueprint

Our partner: WorkCover Queensland

What is the challenge?

When worker’s compensation claims delay people’s return to work or progress to litigation, workers experience poor outcomes and compensation authorities incur huge costs.

Identifying injured workers who may take longer to return to work after injury, or who may pursue litigation, can result in earlier intervention and get Australians back to work faster.

We are working with WorkCover Queensland to develop a tool to help identify these at-risk workers.

Our approach

We are working closely with WorkCover Queensland to understand their claims management environment, their data resources, and to gather input from their stakeholders.

This will be combined with research literature and our expertise in the factors that contribute to a delayed return to work.

What will the project achieve?

This project will deliver a case management tool that helps case managers match the right services to the right person at the right time. The tool will be completed early 2018 with plans to evaluate its impact on outcomes for injured workers to follow.

What it means for worker’s health and insurance systems

By matching the right services to the right person at the right time, we can ensure injured workers recover faster. We can also ensure workers’ compensation groups run more efficiently with increased financial sustainability.

The latest outputs from the Recovery Blueprint project are available below:

Risk factor identification for delayed return to work: best practice statement.

Best practice statement - graphical summary.