Renal Disease Prevention Unit


Head: Professor Robert Atkins
Phone: 03 9903 0178

Professor Atkins is one of Australia's most eminent nephrologists and  was Director of the Department of Nephrology at Monash Medical Centre  from its inception in 1972 until 2005. He has published almost 1000  papers and abstracts and was President of the International Society of  Nephrology from 2001 to 2003.

Professor Atkins' renal expertise will compliment many other  research endeavours in the Department. The Renal Disease Prevention  Unit will -

  • coordinate the Asia Pacific Centres in international trials on the  effect of sulodexide in the progression of diabetic nephrology
  • evaluate the AusDiab follow up studies, and
  • assist in organising programs for the detection and management of  chronic renal disease, hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular  disease in developing countries.