Ascertaining student readiness and outcomes on inter-professional education in health professional programs

Chief investigators

A/Prof Dragan Ilic
Ms Linda Ross
Ms Caroline Wright
Dr Uschi Bay

A/Prof Ramesh Rajan

A/Prof Brett Williams

Project Overview
An inter-disciplinary approach to the effective delivery of patient health care is required in order to overcome individual and organisational barriers. Inter-professional care aims to encourage different health professionals to interact and provide a collaborative practice that involves clinical, non-clinical and administrative backgrounds together. However, simply bringing professionals from diverse backgrounds together does not ensure optimal delivery of care. The development of inter-professional education (IPE) relies on health professionals, including health trainees, from two or more health disciplines to learn together, in an interactive teaching or learning activity, which leads to improved health outcomes. The primary aim of this study is to identify the attitudes and readiness of healthcare students for shared learning activities (i.e. inter-professional education (IPE)). An additional aim will be to establish how student self-efficacy for IPE correlates with their level of readiness for IPE.

Financial support for this activity has been provided by the FMNHS Learning and Teaching grant scheme.

Project Outputs
Readiness for IPE has predominantly focussed on medical and nursing students. This project will examine the merits of IPE across four non-medical and nursing disciplines – specific to the development of a new Bachelor of Health Sciences course.