Can student performance in a mini-CEX predict overall performance in medicine?

Chief investigators

A/Prof Dragan Ilic
A/Prof Chris Wright
A/Prof Jenepher Martin
A/Prof Peter Barton
Dr George Kotsanas

Project Overview
This project aims to refine the existing variant of the mini-CEX assessment tool, develop an assessment rubric and validate it through robust psychometric testing. It also aims to provide a user-friendly, online training resource to provide assessors with background and working knowledge about the MCR assessment. Secondary aims include data mining to identify how performance in MCRs is predictive of student performance in written examinations and in objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs).

Financial support for this activity has been provided by the FMNHS MBBS development grant scheme.

Project Outputs
This project will provide an evidence-based assessment of the mini-CEX assessment. Additionally, the project will produce novel findings with respect to student performance across various assessment types.