Seminar Series

Seminar Series 2019

MERQ runs an annual seminar series on topics relating to medical and health education research as well as providing professional development opportunities.

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Seminar 1:

Wednesday 20th March

Learning from our success in tobacco and UV to address new challenges in public health

Craig Sinclair – Head, Prevention Division, Cancer Council Victoria

Our understanding of how to reduce cancer risks at the population level is becoming better, particularly as a result of our efforts in tobacco control and skin cancer which has had the benefit of over 30 years of investment by governments and civil society to tackle the issue.

In this seminar, the burden of preventable cancers will be presented, our understanding of what we have learnt from 30 years of population based interventions to tackle tobacco and UV will be discussed and importantly how these learnings can be applied within the context of significant and potentially bigger challenges facing us in relation to obesity, alcohol and screening.

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Seminar 2:

Wednesday 12th June · 12pm–1pm · Ground Floor Conference Rooms, 553 St Kilda Road, Melbourne

Why gambling is a global public health problem, and what we can do about it

Associate Professor Charles Livingstone – Head, Gambling and Social Determinants Unit, School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University

Gambling is increasingly perceived as a major public health problem, with estimates of gambling-derived harm now indicating a harm burden around two-thirds that of alcohol misuse and abuse, and on a par with major depression. Yet gambling continues to expand, globally, and the gambling industry is rapidly expanding in low and middle income countries, having consolidated a significant market in high income countries.

This presentation, adapted from a recent seminar at WHO HQ, will explain the nature and scale of gambling harm globally, demonstrate that gambling can best be addressed by adopting effective public health approaches to harm prevention and minimisation, and provide suggestions on how to bring about a more unified and globally applicable approach to gambling harm prevention.

Associate Professor Charles Livingstone works in the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Monash University. He teaches health policy, sociology and politics into the Bachelor of Health Sciences program. He is also head of the Gambling and Social Determinants unit within SPHPM. Charles has research degrees in economics and social theory. His current principal research interest is critical gambling studies, including in particular gambling policy reform and the politics, regulation and social impacts of electronic gambling machine (EGM) gambling.

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