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Our teaching activities include short courses in health economics, survey design and mixed methods research, and postgraduate teaching in the Master of Public Health, Master of Health Management and Master of Health Administration.

We provide research supervision for Graduate Research (PhD, MPhil) students in Health Economics, as well as Honours students in the Bachelor of Medical Science, Bachelor of Biomedical Science and Bachelor of Health Science programs.

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Student testimonials

Dr Cate Bailey (graduated 2021)

Thesis: Cost-Effectiveness Studies for the Improvement of Intergenerational Health and Wellbeing

I had a PhD in a different discipline, and had spent a number of years as a Research Fellow working in health research implementation in women’s health. It was through that work I gained a strong interest in the economics of healthcare, and found I was ready to take the plunge on a second PhD.

My supervisory team was perfect for my interests; Zanfina brought strong knowledge of health economics and outcomes, while my other supervisors were experienced in implementation and women’s health.

It was a really nurturing, positive environment and I had some wonderful opportunities, such as joining the executive team of the ISPOR Victoria and Tasmania Student Chapter.

Zanfina was very generous with her time, especially as we approached health economic concepts unfamiliar to me.

I am already applying my new knowledge as a Health Economist in a major Melbourne-based health economics centre.

I loved my time working with Zanfina, and highly recommend her as a supervisor to anyone considering a PhD in this field.

Dr Danielle Berkovic (graduated 2021)

Thesis: A Mixed-Methods Study Examining the Work and Financial Burden Borne by Working-Age Adults with Arthritis

As a Research Assistant working across projects in multiple clinical domains, I wanted to take the next step in my research career. I’ve always enjoyed listening to patients' first-hand experiences, and so a mixed-methods project really appealed to me.

Doing my PhD at SPHPM provided me with a really supportive environment, where I could access lots of professional development opportunities, and learn important soft skills like health communication that support knowledge dissemination.

Ilana and my other supervisors were incredibly flexible, especially as the last part of my study was during the pandemic. They were always generous with their time and quick to respond to me.

I’ve walked away with the belief that I have a lot to contribute around better understanding of musculoskeletal diseases, and I really recommend doing a PhD with the team here.

Dr Lisa Corscadden (graduated 2020)

Thesis: Disparities in experiences of access to care for Australians with mental health conditions

My background working in healthcare performance reporting and patient surveys really inspired me to embark upon my PhD.

Emily and my other supervisors supported me all the way along, providing practical process tips and sharing different ways to conceptualise my research. She challenged me with fantastic scientific and health system questions that helped me build the foundations of my papers, as well as re-focussing me when I disappeared off on tangents.

My PhD taught me important lessons in managing large projects, which I’m applying to my post doctoral fellowship and my other work.

Emily’s incredible energy and drive were infectious, and her curiosity is balanced by a pragmatism that helps bring the work together. Under her supervision, the PhD process was a joy, and far less intimidating that I initially imagined.