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We provide a supportive environment for Honours, Masters and Graduate Research level students wishing to make a difference in the musculoskeletal health space. Projects have scanned the breadth of multidisciplinary approaches to identifying novel approaches to tacking musculoskeletal conditions.

To find out more, please contact Dr Yuanyuan Wang at yuanyuan.wang@monash.edu

Our past students

Student name
Years involved
Project title
Ekjyot Kaur 2017-2021 Data Management Platform for mobile technologies
Godfrey Keung 2017-2020 Development of Walking Assistive Device
Zixi Liu 2017-2020 Invisible Exoskeleton Design
Michael Stanley 2017-2020 Development of Bipedal Robot with smart control
Sharmayne Brady 2014-2020 Musculoskeletal conditions: novel risk factors, healthcare utilisation and management
Najini Korale Arachchige 2017-2020 Magnetic Resonance Image (MRI) Processing for detecting Osteoarthritis of the hip
Somayya Ebrahimkhani 2016-2020 Intelligent Segmentation of Mass in Mammography Images Using Breast Density Features and Visual Feat
Sin-Ki Ng 2015-2019 Understanding the role of negative beliefs and emotion regulation in chronic low back pain
Tom Ranger 2015-2019 Investigating structural and non-structural risk factors for low back pain and disability
Sultana Monira Hussain 2012-2015 Novel and systemic risk factors for knee and hip osteoarthritis
Stephanie Tanamas 2009-2012 Novel approaches to musculoskeletal disease
Andrew Teichtahl 2008-2014 Lifestyle and biomechanical determinants of knee joint structure and symptoms
Patricia Berry 2007-2010 Factors affecting musculoskeletal disease and predictors of progression
Miranda Louise Davies-Tuck 2006-2009 Factors affecting the knee joint in health and disease: towards an improved understanding of knee osteoarthritis
Soula Fillipas 2006-2011 Physical activity for people living with the human immunodeficiency virus
Fahad Hanna 2003-2007 Factors affecting knee joint structure and change in cartilage volume in healthy adults
Yuanyuan Wang 2003-2007 Factors affecting knee cartilage and bone in healthy subjects and those with knee osteoarthritis
Cassandra Szoeke 2000-2003 Epidemiology of women’s healthy ageing
Mike Glisson 2005-2007 Use of MRI in musculoskeletal disease
Anita Wluka 2001-2004 The determinants of knee cartilage volume in health and disease
Bebe Loff 2001-2004 Health and human rights
Mohammad Zahid Ansari 2000-2008 The Victorian Ambulatory care sensitive conditions study
Jim Black 1997-2001 Applications of Artificial Neural Networks in Epidemiology
Joseph Elias Ibrahim 1998-1999 Quality of care and unplanned readmission
Jenny Majoor 1998-1999 The extraction of quality-of-care clinical indicators from State health department administrative databases