About us

We have expertise in transfusion medicine, haematology, epidemiology and registry science, and we lead national and international clinical registries, clinical trials, health economics analysis and systematic reviews across a range of areas.

The Transfusion Research Unit (TRU) was established in 2008. Our internationally recognised research and educational activities include:

  • clinical quality registries
  • clinical trials and cohort studies
  • health economics analyses
  • systematic review and other projects
  • biobanking for correlative studies
  • educational programs and training, including postgraduate degree studies

We work closely with clinical leaders and organisations to collect and analyse data about conditions requiring major and/or complex transfusion support, and in a range of blood disorders, including haematological malignancies and bone marrow failure syndromes.

Meet the team

Current students

  • Ms Sara Carrillo de Albornoz, PhD Student
  • Dr Khai Li Chai, PhD Student
  • Dr Andrew Flint, PhD Student
  • Dr Lucy Fox, PhD Student (University of Melbourne)
  • Mr Philip Kiely, PhD Student
  • Dr Allison Mo, PhD Student
  • Dr Aleece McPhail, PhD Student
  • Dr Brenton Sanderson, PhD Student (Macquarie University)
  • Dr Briony Shaw, PhD student
  • Dr Jasmine Singh, PhD Student

Adjunct and affiliate appointments

  • Ms Linley Bielby
  • Associate Professor Shlomo Cohney
  • Professor Merrole Cole-Sinclair
  • Dr Gemma Crighton
  • Professor Frank Firkin
  • Dr Massa Lasica
  • Associate Professor Rosemary Sparrow
  • Professor Judith Trotman