Ashley Baring

Research Coordinator

Ashley Baring, BBioMedSc, is a Research Coordinator with the Women’s Health Research Program.

She joined the Women’s Health Research Program in May 2016 and is currently the Research Coordinator for the Sexual Wellbeing After Breast Cancer (SWAB) Study and Investigating the Prevention of Endometrial CAncer with Metformin (PECAM Study).

Ashley has been working at Monash University SPHPM since 2012 and has taken on various roles including Research Coordinator, Data Manager and Research Assistant. Prior to 2016 her main focus was cardiovascular disease working predominantly on the Screen HF-L and HOPE-3. She continues to work on the HOPE-3 and AUSPICE study.

Tel:     03 9903 0830
Fax:    03 9903 0828