A potential treatment for women concerned about low libido


About 10% of women aged 18-39 years have low sexual desire that really concerns them – if this is you, you may be interested in our study.

BP101 is being developed for the treatment of women experiencing decrease or complete loss of sexual desire with associated distress. The medical term for this is hypoactive sexual desire disorder or HSDD. HSDD may significantly affect wellbeing, quality of life and partner relationships. There are currently no approved for this for premenopausal women in Australia.

Four clinical trials of BP101 have been completed to date and over 170 women have received BP101. Two of the previous studies have been conducted in healthy volunteers and two studies have been conducted in premenopausal women with HSDD. This study will be the fifth study of BP101 in humans and the first time BP101 has been tested in women from Australia and New Zealand. The previous clinical trials have demonstrated that BP101 is a safe and well tolerated treatment. BP101 has been shown to improve sexual function in women with low libido and has the potential to provide an effective treatment for HSDD.

The purpose of this clinical study is to further assess the efficacy, safety and tolerability of BP101 in pre-menopausal women with HSDD. BP101 will be self-administered as a nasal spray at doses of 0.9mg, 1.8mg and 2.52mg once daily (in the morning). The duration of treatment will be 28 days (four weeks). These doses and treatment duration have been tested previously in earlier clinical trials. In this study, the effect of the BP101 treatment on your sexual desire will be measured. The researchers will also assess any potential side-effects of the treatment. The information from this study will help to determine a safe and effective dose of BP101 to be investigated in larger clinical studies.