The Grollo Ruzzene Foundation Younger Women's Health Study

The Women's Health Research Program is delighted to announce the launch of the “Grollo Ruzzene Foundation Younger Women's Health Study” which is being undertaken to determine the health needs of younger Australian women.

This study is generously supported by the Grollo Ruzzene Foundation. This will involve the recruitment of 7000 Australian women aged 18-39 years and documentation of their physical and psychological health, with a specific focus on reproductive health, including menstrual and sexual health.

Our partners in the study are Roy Morgan Research, Melbourne Pathology and Sonic Pathology. Women in the Roy Morgan Research Single Source Database will be invited to participate. We believe this will be a landmark study, informing of the issues that most concern women of this age. Recruitment to the study is underway with the first findings expected in 2018.