Celebrating 25 years of rural health education 1992-2017

Its first twenty-five years have seen Australia’s first rural academic unit, located in a former broom cupboard at the Latrobe Valley Hospital in Moe, evolve into a multi-site school with significant facilities in Mildura, Bendigo, Moe, Traralgon, Sale and Bairnsdale and many smaller facilities dotted elsewhere across Victoria.

During this evolution it has been at the forefront of rural health teaching, research, development, advocacy and practice locally, nationally and internationally. Many dedicated people have played significant roles and many events have altered the course of the organisation’s development and influence.

The first 25 years

1992 Centre for Rural Health established by Roger Strasser in Moe
1993 Bendigo division established, Bendigo Primary Care Clinic transferred from Monash Community Medicine to Centre for Rural Health
1998 Move from Moe to Traralgon
2000 Position of Professor of Rural Health Research established
  • School of Rural Health established
  • Commwealth rural clinical school funding approved
  • Mildura Regional Clinical School established
  • Bendigo Regional Clinical School established
  • Gippsland Regional Clinical School established
  • East Gippsland Regional Clinical School established
2002 Centre for Multi-Disciplinary Studies in Rural Health established
2004 Geoff Solarsh commenced as Head of School
  • Northern Victoria Regional Medical Education Network(NVRMEN) established
  • Gippsland Medical School established,
  • Centre for Multi-Disciplinary Studies in Rural Health becomes Monash University Department of Rural and Indigenous Health (MUDRIH)
2008 Gordon Whyte Head of School
2010 Judi Walker commenced as Head of School
  • Centre for Research Excellence in Rural and Remote Primary Health Care established
  • Gippsland Medical School and School of Rural Health amalgamated
2014 School of Rural Health and School of Public Health and Preventative Medicine win grant to conduct the ten-year Hazlewood Health Study following the mine fire in early 2014
  • Robyn Langham commenced as Head of School
  • Additional Commonwealth funding received to expand rural nursing and allied health student support
  • 25th anniversary of rural health education at Monash
  • Federal government awards two regional training hubs to Monash