Final year aged care placements in Bendigo

Female intern examining feet of elderly man while specialist observes
Dr Shelen Laiu and Dr Jenny Wood examine Peter Cugura

Female intern examining feet of elderly man while specialist observes

Female intern examining feet of elderly man while specialist observes





Undertake a final year rotation in aged care in Bendigo with the School of Rural Health Bendigo and Bendigo Health.

Rotation: Aged Care
Where:  Bendigo Health – Anne Caudle Campus


Sub-acute rotation undertaken on the Anne Caudle Campus

  • Four consultants, one registrar, one resident, one intern
  • 60-bed Rehabilitation Unit and an In-patient and Evaluation unit
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation Unit with speciality outpatient clinics including:
    • Tissue Trauma Clinic
    • Wound Clinic
    • Diabetic Foot Clinic
    • Hand and Upper Limb Clinic
    • Young Adults with Complex Care Needs
    • Complex Care Neuro Clinic
    • Spinal Injury Clinic
    • Memory Clinic (Cognitive, Dementia and Memory Service)
    • A Paediatric Rehabilitation Clinic
    • Intake PEP-UP program that focuses on chronic pain
    • Back Pain Program
    • Continence and Pelvic Floor Clinic
    • Complex Care Ortho Clinic
    • Pain Management Clinic
    • Seniors Clinic
    • Younger People Clinic
    • Pulmonary and Chronic Health Failure Program
    • Amputee Clinic and Falls and
    • Mobility Clinic

Learning opportunities

The department runs an active teaching program for undergraduates, junior doctors, registrars and consultants that includes:

  • weekly case-based meeting
  • weekly grand round meeting
  • weekly module teaching
  • fortnightly Journal Club

There are also separate teaching programs for students through Monash and for residents and registrars in the hospital. 

Pre-internship position

There are typically four pre-interns allocated to the aged care team. These positions are entrenched within the team and are fully integrated members with specific responsibilities that are appropriate for students preparing for independent practice as interns. You will admit new patients to the ward with full history and examination and assessment of function, follow two or three patients and present them at weekly consultant ward round and case conference. You will perform procedural work (cannulation, venepuncture, catheterisation, ABGs etc.).