Final year placements in ENT/Plastics

Where: Bendigo Health


The Surgical Unit specialises in a range of surgical conditions including pre and post-operative care of patients undergoing surgery. The unit includes minor and major abdominal, ear, nose and throat (ENT), head and neck, facio-maxillary, urology, vascular, reconstructive and thoracic surgery. Bendigo Health runs five theatres and one endoscope theatre. The surgical team is supervised by VMO consultant surgeons. It runs a 24-hour roster of surgical registrars on duty and a team of interns during the day. In addition to its in-patient work, the department is responsible for almost daily clinics including registrar run clinics and student led clinics.

Learning opportunities

The Surgical Unit is a busy department with an interest and emphasis on teaching and learning across the continuum of training, viz. fellow, registrars, interns and medical students.

As a Year 5D pre-intern student, you will be an integral part of the ENT/Plastics team and will expect to perform many of the roles and functions of the ENT resident but with greater degrees of supervision. You will be based in Bendigo Health for most of your time, but will spend two days/week at the St.John of God Private Hospital. You will participate in all activities for which this team is responsible including daily ward rounds, clerking of new patients, and assessment of patients in ED and attendance in theatre and the day procedure unit. You will also participate in clinics at Bendigo Health including a student teaching clinic held once each rotation.

Pre-internship position

As a final year student, you will:

  • admit and take full responsibility for ongoing management of a specified number of patients under the direct supervision of the ward registrar and consultant
  • understand surgical approach to management of patients with common surgical conditions
  • perform pre-anaesthetic assessments of patients being prepared for surgery
  • understand indications and contraindications for common surgical operations
  • achieve and demonstrate competence in performing venepuncture and IV cannula insertion
  • assist regularly at surgical procedures in the operating theatre
  • perform selected surgical procedures under the direct supervision of consultants or registrars.