Final year ICU and anaesthesia placements in Bendigo

Female student in theatre with anaethetist
Dr Yen Lim instructs Kavia in anaesthetics.
Close up of male patient weaing oxygen mask with specialist and student's hands 
Male anaesthetist instructs female student who is placing an oxygen mask on unconscious patient in surgical theatre

Undertake a final year placement in intensive care and anaesthesia in Bendigo with the School of Rural Health and Bendigo Health.

Rotation: ICU / anaesthetics
Where: Bendigo Health


Shared exposure to ICU and Anaesthetics 

  • The Intensive Care Unit comprises four consultants, five Registrars and two residents.
  • The Intensive and Coronary Care Unit is a 12-bed facility combining intensive care and coronary care. The unit cares for over 1000 intensive care, high dependency and coronary care patients each year. The intensive care facility is the only such facility in the Loddon Mallee region. The unit has two haemofiltration machines and an IABP (intra aortic balloon pump).
  • Anaesthesia and peri-operative services provide anaesthetic services for approximately 10,000 operative procedures per year in six operating theatres. The department provides a 24 hour service to Bendigo Health.
  • As a final year student you will do a three-week block in anaesthetics. You will spend full days in anaesthesia (8am – 6pm, Monday – Friday) in order to get the maximum exposure.
  • Students will take part in pre-anaesthetic assessment and clerking of patients pre-operatively and will attend at least one pain round and one ECT session during the rotation.

Learning opportunities

The department runs an active teaching program for undergraduates, junior doctors, registrars and consultants that includes:

  • A compulsory ALS course to be undertaken in the first week of the rotation
  • A weekly bedside formal tutorial in ICU
  • Accompany the MET team and Code Blue Response team

There are also separate teaching programs for students through Monash and for residents and registrars in the hospital.

Pre-internship position

ICU can accommodate two pre-interns, as can anaesthetics. There are four students combined who equally share the exposure to the two units. Due to the high patient ratio of staff within these areas the experience is very hands-on and many procedures will be perfected on this rotation.  You will admit and take full responsibility for ongoing management of a specified number of patients.   You will achieve and demonstrate competence in resuscitation in both simulated and real life settings and achieve and demonstrate competence in performing venepuncture, IV cannula insertion, IDC, naso gastric, arterial line, and basic airway techniques.