Final year medicine placements in Bendigo

Male student, male specialist and female patient sitting in hospital bed

Male student, male specialist and female patient sitting in hospital bed

Male student taling to female patient sitting in hospital bed

Undertake a final year placement in medicine in Bendigo with the School of Rural Health Bendigo and Bendigo Health.

Rotation: Medicine
Where: Bendigo Health


  • The Medical Unit provides a wide range of acute medical services for in-patients, such as those with respiratory, renal, cardiac, neurological, and oncological conditions. The team of professionals consists of nurses and medical staff working in close liaison with allied health services including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and dietetic therapists.
  • The physician team at Bendigo Health consists of the Director of Medicine, two staff specialists, and a team of VMO consultant physicians who supervise a team of physician trainee registrars, and medical interns.& The final year pre-intern student will be an integral part of the team and will expect to perform many of the roles and function of the interns, including buddying with the intern at least once a week for the late cover shift.
  • Bendigo Health is a part of the North West Physician Training Consortium which includes Austin Health and Northern Health.

Learning opportunities

The department runs an active teaching program for undergraduates, junior doctors, registrars and consultants that includes:

  • Weekly Grand Round
  • Weekly tutorials with Staff Physician
  • Daily ward rounds / bedside teaching
  • Fortnightly Journal Club
  • M&M Meetings
  • Multidisciplinary meetings

There are also separate teaching programs for students through Monash and for residents and registrars in the hospital.

Pre-internship position

There are five pre-intern positions with the Medical Team. These positions are entrenched within the team and are fully integrated members with specific responsibilities that are appropriate for students preparing for independent practice as interns. As a pre-intern you will:

  • admit and share responsibility for ongoing management of a specified number of patients under the direct supervision of the registrar
  • work within the acute admissions unit under registrar supervision
  • attend general medical clinics and clerk patients, presenting them to the consultant
  • dictate letters to GPs (copies to the patient) for sign off after review by the consultant
  • have direct experience in performing clinical procedures relevant to the practice of internal medicine
  • obtain wide ranging prescribing opportunities for multiple medical conditions
  • learn about insulin usage, and spend time with the diabetes educators
  • attend pregnancy and foot clinics run for diabetic patients.