Final year placements in Oncology in Bendigo

Student and oncologist examining write of patient seated in treatment chair
Sonya Steve, Dr Robert Blum and student, Travis.

close up of patient's wrist with veins highlighted

Student talking to oncologist and patient who have their backs to the camera

Undertake a final year rotation in oncology in Bendigo with the School of Rural Health Bendigo and Bendigo health.

Rotation: Oncology
Where: Bendigo Health


The Oncology Unit functions as a day-stay unit providing a wide range of chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, biological target therapy and symptomatic management on both in-patient and outpatient basis to medical oncology and haematology patients within the region. Over a 12-month period the unit delivers approximately 11,000 consultations, sees over 700 new patients and delivers approximately 8,000 episodes of treatment. They have 12 treatment chairs and two trolley beds.

Patient care is provided by a multidisciplinary team, which consists of:

  • Medical: medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, palliative care physicians, haematologists, medical oncology registrar, radiation oncology registrars, HMO, intern and other specialty services
  • Nursing: clinical nurse specialists, experienced oncology nurses who are specialized in chemotherapy administration and management, breast care nurse, district nurses
  • Allied health: dietician, social workers

Learning opportunities

The department runs an active teaching program for undergraduates, junior doctors, registrars and consultants that includes:

  • Weekly Grand Round
  • Weekly tutorials with Consultant / Registrar
  • Daily ward rounds / bedside teaching
  • Fortnightly Journal Club
  • M&M Meetings
  • Multidisciplinary meeting

There are also separate teaching programs for students through Monash and for residents and registrars in the hospital.

Pre-internship position

As a pre-intern you will be based in the Oncology Department as well as on the oncology ward. The student will also be expected to attend multidisciplinary meetings, unit meetings and journal club. In addition there will be the opportunity to spend some time in the Radiotherapy Department, hospice and follow patients as they progress through their treatment journey. You will also admit patients and present them on the consultant ward rounds and be expected to know the current medical status of the patients and their results.

You will perform a similar role to the resident/intern with a higher degree of supervision and direction. The primary responsibility of their position is to assess patients in Day Oncology Unit. These patients may have been booked in as part of their regular management or may present to the unit as part of some immediate concern.

You will have a daily clinic list and there are four appointments reserved for patients of immediate concern.

Your role will provide you the opportunity to: 

  • assess patients and liaise with the registrar/relevant consultant and the Nurse Team Leader to plan for management
  • conduct pre-treatment reviews for patients prior to chemotherapy
  • complete admissions for patients requiring overnight IV therapy
  • complete admissions for patients who presented to the Day Oncology Unit required admission due to immediate medical concern
  • handover to registrar and intern regarding all the patients got admitted from Day Oncology Unit.